The art of painting arrives in Ibiza


The Dutchman Marcel Schellekens ( soerendonk , 1954 ) has for the first time in Ibiza his works in the gallery Marta Torres with the exhibition " Light of Ibiza ' , which will be displayed from Thursday , from 18 pm until 31 May .

For this exhibition , the artist has chosen nine oil paintings depicting landscapes and places of the island as sa Caleta, Benirràs is Vedrà and facades of buildings in the neighborhood of the Marina . The brightness will be the theme of this exhibition, which Schellekens wishes to convey the intensity of light of Ibiza , which can be even blinding . " I was interested in painting the light changes throughout the day on the island , and that has nothing to do with the evening light with which it is before sunset , which for me is the best " says Schellekens .

Last January was when the artist reflected in the feel-good oil , of " good feelings " that produces the island. Three months work and inspiration bore fruit nine oil paintings large . "I wanted to capture how light enters a place and how it transforms the landscape ," describes Schellekens .

The successful outcome of these 90 days of birth in Holland made ​​him consider his works show in Ibiza. To realize this idea , the first step was to find a place . An internet search led him to the website for artist space and gallery Marta Torres. The Dutch artist can claim to have held exhibitions in cities such as New York , Vancouver , Tokyo , Edinburgh and Vienna.

Schellekens studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Utrecht , department of graphic art. Since then, he has specialized in engraving and has developed his own method. He works with three different engraving plates for the primary colors : red, yellow and blue. However, in the gallery of the role will Vila for his oil paintings inspired by the island. Ibiza is full of cultural offerings. Know all that you offer with EliteServiceIbiza.