The future of Porsche 4 cylinders


Porsche said it would not have a four-door car and now has two : the Panamera and Cayenne . Also reneged at the time of the mechanical diesel and just " have been saved " 911, Cayman and Boxster . Now a new step towards a less elitist clientele premiering their first 4 cylinder engine block.

The first of its models will receive new Macan . In fact, on the official website of the brand in the UK and can be configured version , which will power a turbocharged 240 horsepower gasoline . Their new 1,984 cc engine cubes . and deliver maximum power at 5,000 rpm . Also offers a torque figure of 350 Nm from 1,500 rpm which is transmitted to all four wheels. As in the rest of the range , the only transmission option is a dual-clutch automatic gearbox and seven-speed PDK allowing it to reach a top speed of 223 km / h .

The Porsche Macan ' plain ' get a check in the test quite respectable acceleration ( 6.9 seconds ) and signing an average consumption of 7.2 liters. A lack of details about the specifics of this release, the Macan be distinguished from his brothers by his rear end with two single tailpipes instead of the double round of Macan S and Turbo double square . The front , according to the images offered by the brand, maintains the configuration of versions S.

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