Cadia Yacht: The first electric yacht

21-cadia yacht

A consortium of three Croatian companies has confirmed that from next year that ensures market the yacht will be the first in the world powered by an electric engine on a length of 14 meters. The new boat comes from a partnership between the companies Rimac Automobili , charged engine and Elan Power Yacht Yacht Cadia , these two last are boat manufacturers in Croatia. The boat has been designed by the young Croatian engineer, Mate Rimac Concept One creator of one of the fastest electric car in the world.

" This project opens a new era of technology in the shipping industry ," says Jure Valant , company spokesman Cadia Yacht, which funded this project. "In the world there are no such electric boats . Hybrid engines are only attempts to solar cells and sport boats for racing," said Valant . The yacht will have two electric motors of 525 horsepower with the possibility to increase its power to 1,780 hp for short periods of time . The boat also has 4.30 meters wide and a capacity for ten people.

Recharging the batteries, which allow autonomy to the boat about six hours , can be done through normal outlets that exist in current marine and yacht clubs . The shipyard has still refused to advance the price of the boat , but the boat will certainly superior to similar vessels with conventional engines cost . However, this additional cost is offset by fuel savings . "Owners of electric boats are the only ones who really can browse the protected aquatic reserves that never pollute the environment ," said the representative of Cadia Yacht.

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