Gold Ferrari, luxury fanciest


Everyone likes , and must have thought that the Iraqi boxer, Riyadh Al Azzawi , who wanted to give a special color to your ferrari . Riyadh has given his ferrari a gold color .

One of the dreams of this boxer was having a Ferrari 458 Spider , but just wanted a Ferrari , like many of us who live on this planet, but he wanted his Ferrari was colored gold, which continues to draw attention on its way through the streets of London . The price of a Ferrari 458 Spider is 332 000 $ 938 , priced according to the cost of a Ferrari, but at this price the boxer , who has been national champion twice in Iraq and Arab champion, has had to add another nearly $ 7 billion to give it that golden color that much attention.

The owner of this luxurious car, never better, got his first world title in 2008 and is credited with a record of 47 wins with no loss fight, with 35 of them won by knockout , which makes one of the Al Azzawi best fighters in the world.

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