Chevrolet leaves us


Chevrolet will leave Europe in a delicate time for the economy and a commercial crisis looming , General Motors decided not to persevere in a difficult model to carry out combat domestic competition that existed between two sister brands like Chevrolet and Opel. The end of commercialization of Chevrolet in Europe does not mean the disappearance of two very interesting models like the Chevrolet Camaro and the new Chevrolet Corvette Stingray . The distribution will be carried out Cadillac Dealers, which together with Opel will benefit most from the closure of Chevrolet.

With offside Chevrolet , General Motors plans to close ranks around Opel and Cadillac. The latter receive unprecedented momentum , with a notable increase in its model range , which will also be more focused on the European public , the expansion of its sales network , the search for more attractive marketing actions and even transforming Dealers in what they themselves have called " centers of experience " with claims as attractive as a small workshop for test- drives.

As you go causing the closure of Chevrolet dealers in some cases will be converted to Opel and Cadillac , the distribution of the new Camaro and the Corvette Stingray assume Cadillac, with a network of very small concessions in our country. The Camaro and Corvette Stingray Coupe and Convertible , in both versions , will join in the spring of 2015 , within a year, the new Z06 Corvette Stingray , a real beast to good custom of the Americans, who will attempt to make a site between Ferrari , Lamborghini and other sports in high European flights .

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