Ibiza is rejuvenated


The Balearic Islands Port Authority ( APB) has found the project to remodel the coastline of Ibiza harbor which is characterized by its high permeability between the port and the city, with the creation of a public square and a bicycle path . In addition , physical barriers between the two spaces and restricting the maximum of the presence of vehicles in the area will be deleted.

In this new urban space designed for Marina Ibiza- and agreed with the city - have been removed for parking vehicles , leaving only those required to service the cruise and sailing facilities users . Road traffic to public transport is also restricted to emergency vehicles and supply .

The project will include construction components of high quality and durability , as street furniture , pergolas and compatible with existing materials in the city of Ibiza and proposed by the City. The start of construction is scheduled for September 15, 2014 to be completed in May 2015, with a budget of tender eight million. The APB provides for demolition of the existing building is located in Martell - old passenger terminal that is in disuse - which will allow the creation of a public square about five thousand square meters of pedestrian use .

This space provides a new construction of ground floor and four hundred square - meter building and two hundred - porch , where several restaurants will be located to service the marine sports such as warehouses , offices and locker rooms , plus a local one hundred thirty square meters intended for public use , as a tourist office , toilets and other services.

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