Ibiza's art


Articblue Gallery is one of five Spanish galleries invited to participate in the next edition of the Affordable Art Fair in Milan, an international contemporary art event accessible , since the maximum price of all the exhibits is 5,000 euros. The next appointment is between 6 and 9 March. The head of the gallery , Rose Marie Bellemur , emphasizes that it is the only representation of Ibiza in the show ( a total of 85 galleries) and underlines the fact that the island has opened the doors to participate , for the love professing the Italians and especially the Milanese to Ibiza.

Bellemur notes that several of the artists it represents living and working in Ibiza for years , such as the Uruguayan Julio Bauza, Greek and Italian Milly Martionou Veronica Villarino . Each of the artists has between ten and fifteen works ranging from painting to sculpture, installations and photographs through different formats and media of all kinds.

In addition to those already participating in the fair Vera Arutyunyuan Maya Nival , Roger Tanios , Zeina Selwan Nader and Rose Marie Bellemur own , with an extensive resume as a gallery and artist.

" Ibiza is a great motivator and inspirer of both emerging artists and novice center " emphasizes the gallery , which is currently looking for a space to install the gallery, which has been located on a local road of Sant Josep and for a while Marta Torres in the gallery . "We want to promote the art and Ibiza has great potential , especially when we notice it off the island ," remarked the gallery . Bellemur also emphasizes that "yes there are people interested in art made ​​in Ibiza " and activities such as Walking Art "help a lot" to disseminate the work of artists .

Bellemur emphasizes the freshness of the Milan trade fair and the many surrounding activities , such as workshops , conferences and activities " to help visitors understand and experience the art techniques ," he adds . Articblue has participated in international art fairs in Rome and Paris over the years.

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