Fly elegantly, Gulfstream III


The elegance in flight Gufstream III has become one of the favorite private jets of all great personalities . But not only do you offer this design jet, technology has also been tested by NASA and passenger areas are maintained with great detail, customize for each client preferences.

The Gulfstream III is built entirely on site this aerospace company has in the United States. The initial idea was to improve the previous model, the Grumman Gulfstream II , which had given such good benefits to the Company, and the results are more than satisfactory , because since 1980, the marketing of the first devices have been introduced models in more than twenty countries , as part of its air force jets and charter flights as the most important airlines in the world .

The improvement introduced by NASA for this aircraft model is most visible : the design of their wings modified in size and profile, with its edges up features and nearly six feet higher than its predecessor in total wingspan . Navigation technology ( cockpit instrumentation , autopilot , software , etc.) and airframe materials are much more resistant and better performance as well as Rolls- Royce , powerful and high performance engines have evolved in these three decades to remain one of the safest and fastest private jet market .

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