New Bentley Car


Sir Henry Ralph Stanley "Tim" Birkin is one of the most recognized in the history of Bentley characters . This pilot passionate about cars start their relationship with the company as a buyer, but was gradually engaging more intensively in their projects. Its major landmark is about developing the Bentley Blower , 1928, to convince the owner of the company at that time, Woolf Barnato , to increase the power of the Bentley 4 ½ liter to stay competitive . He managed to it will add a supercharger that took his horsepower to 245 HP , making it capable of running in Le Mans.

This Mulsanne embodies everything Birkin represented an unostentatious style icon and a pilot typical British court. 22 units will be manufactured using traditional methods and are available in three colors : White Ghost , and Fountain Blue Damson combined with Dark Sapphire . The vehicle is distinguished by elements such as 21-inch wheels and unique design, the stirrups numbered 1 to 22, the winged B stitched into the headrests and embedded on the board, upholstered in a diamond shape for the seats and leather details on the door panels .

Bentley has arranged a series of entertainment systems for the occupants of the rear seats including 8-inch LCD screens in the front headrests , DVD player , Wi- Fi and audio system Naim for Bentley . As if this were not enough , the company delivers a set of luggage as numbered matches the interior of each vehicle. Thus, one of the most prestigious firms in the world delivers another product of great refinement and quality.

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