Luxury office on wheels


It has always been said that a car is our second home . This makes it very important for many make your car something comfortable . There is a company dedicated to, Carisma Auto Design. This company designed primarily todorrenos vans and large , suitable for design into a large office locations.

Carisma Auto Design designs office with all the gadgets you may need . This company does something worthy of our car from a private jet. Discretion is an important part of their designs. In his workshop can make the interior of a Land Rover Defender, an todoterrero worth war, seems the office of a New York skyscraper .

This company was dedicated to the restoration of classic cars. In the UK there is a great tradition and passion for cars . They bet on a market that was little known and necessary for senior executives . They took advantage of the need for customers wanted equipped as if they were private vehicles Jets . His work is so good that some of these preparations even exceed the price of the vehicle. We spoke design that can reach 100,000 euros. This all depends on what each single or imagined . Each request is new and different, but always like Charisma used one or two rows of seats in front of other breakthroughs entertainment , computers , internet , telephone, large screens , refrigerators ...

In also give much importance to the design and comfort, so we offer cars , jets and yachts to make your visit to Ibiza a little more comfortable . Ibiza and you deserve you great comfort with EliteServiceIbiza.

Image courtesy of: Carisma Auto Design