A yacht of the future: Oculus


Today, we told you about a yacht that you will love . Something futuristic and does not leave you indifferent. We speak of Oculus . Are you ready to jump into the sea of Ibiza with this beauty ?

In 2008, Schopfer Yachts was founded to provide advanced technology and aesthetics for the marine industry . The Oculus , which means eye in Latin, has the shape of the eyes and jaw large fish and mammals that live in the ocean . This is the first design Shopfer Yates. The owner is the founder and owner of the company.

Schöpfer sought to centralize the focus on the interior design of the yacht , but saw too many inconsistencies between the exterior and interior spaces of contemporary models. Seeking greater unity and harmony in the designs. This harmony led him to adopt the methods that can be found in nature. Oculus will not come alone , it will have a sister yacht. This yacht is called the Infinite , which has the shape of the signal to infinity , so that its structure is curved . Oculus inside has high ceilings , 12 feet in the main salon , a cylindrical double height dining room , a lift tube . Its interior can accommodate 12 people . This yacht has a length of 250 meters. Oculus speed is 25 knots maximum cruising . The final price of this yacht is 95 million.

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