Jaguar, a leading and quality in the luxury car market.


Brands Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles have been in 2013 a total of 425,006 vehicles. These belong to the company, " Jaguar Land Rover " . Some vehicles have come in 38 international markets. This represents an increase of 19 % compared to 2012.

Both brands have improved their results in all regions, and established new sales records in 38 markets, including "Russia, Brazil, Korea and Canada," as reported by the company in a statement.

Undoubtedly, "Jaguar Land Rover " has experienced growth in 2013 in all models . They have worked well in design, technology, innovation and improved the quality of their products . This has got to have better results in your market and in other markets. In Spain , Jaguar sold 876 units. Jaguar has grown by 5.5 % compared to 2012. Their market share is 9% and the best-selling car model was the " XF" , 756 units sold. "Land Rover " also grew up in Spain . In 2013 it sold 7278 "Land Rover " . Sales of "Land Rover " in Spain grew by 13.5 % over 2012 sales . The bestselling "Land Rover " model was the "Range Rover Evoque " with 4770 sales.

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