The world's largest yacht


Today we will talk about the world's largest yacht . Azzam is the name of this yacht. It is 180 meters long and was built by the Lürssen shipyard . This exceeds the yacht of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. Abramovich 's yacht is 165 meters long.

This yacht has taken four years to build. The design corresponds to Nauta Yachts, specialists in luxury yacht design. Azzam was built at a facility in Bremen , Germany. From there officially put into the water for their first contact with the sea. For comparison, Azzam is longer than 12 trips 2 story. Azzam is not only the largest yacht , but will be one of the fastest. Azzam has two 2 gas and two diesel engines . 94,000 horses propel it at high speed over 35 miles per hour.

The yacht owner is unknown , since Lürssen has not confirmed who it is. It says it is for an Arab sheik , the President of the United Arab Emirates. The price of the yacht has cost 627 million dollars. We talk about the world's largest yacht, so it must also have great value .

When finished, it will have been three years in a year of construction and engineering. This yacht is a work for Lürssen . They see in him a new design concept .

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