Why visit Ibiza?


Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean Sea. Belonging to the Balearic Islands. It has 572 km² extension. In our blog we tell you 5 reasons to visit this island. 5 are few, as this island offers much to its visitors. Ibiza is not just its nightlife, music and nightclubs. Ibiza has a history and other charms.


1. Dalt Vila

The historic chaste Ibiza, Dalt Vila. This part of the city is surrounded by walls. Inside are beautiful places and good restaurants. The bars are not lacking in Dalt Vila. To access can be done by any of the five doors . Pass through a drawbridge, cross the Patio de Armas and Plaza de Vila. From the rampart can be seen all there was. Inside find the Archaeological Museum and visit the Puig des Molins.


2. The beaches

One of the mandatory visits to visit Ibiza 's beaches . You have to visit the most popular and most hidden coves. The beaches are to be found either . Sa Caleta is small and it is not hard to find. Benirrás is ideal for full moon nights . In Benirrás we dances and games. And if you want to party , Las Salinas and Es Cavallet .


3. Nature

The nature of Ibiza is precious to behold. In the National Park Ses Salines find pink flamingos , birds and plants. This past mountains and cliffs . Las Salinas Ibiza are very beautiful , a white paradise. A beautiful cliff is the Heaven's Gate , Santa Inés.


4. Markets Hippies

In the 60's , Ibiza was filled with artisans , painters and designers. They stayed to unleash their creativity on the island. All this is in Ibiza hippy markets . From clothing to jewelry. The most famous are those of Es Cana and San Carlos.


5. Gastronomy

Typical dishes from Ibiza. Food modest field, such as the potato. Meats , especially overrun and butifarrón . Among his delicacies : Tomata , Guisat of peix , Bullit de peix , Arroç of matances , Sofrit Pagès.


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