Luxury SUVS


It's been ten years since Porsche broke with tradition and sacase a non- sport model . The car was the Cayenne SUV . Now, other luxury brands have also followed the same path : Bentley , Lamborghini, Maserati. Everyone wants to tap this market .

The SUV will be next to Lamborghini. LA brand will launch a new Urus , the last was in the 90s , Rambo Lambo . the car due out in 2017. Its executive director say the luxury SUV is an emerging market . It is a growing market , especially in USA . In emerging many still want to buy a luxury SUV , so it is a good market for these brands .

This fashion began Mercedes- Benz , Audi and BMW, and 20 years ago. Still expanding its range of these vehicles. Porsche is now who wants to tap into this market , since its Cayenne is sold . They will launch a smaller model , Porsche Macan . Jaguar also has a prototype SUV. It is still unknown if it will occur. Rolls- Royce is also getting to work in this market.

Currently, only Ferrari does not add to this trend. They want to continue their tradition and not out of his story. History has made them be where they are .

In our website, we have a lot of fancy cars and SUV models in Ibiza. Walking around Ibiza with one of them will enjoy the island a little better.