Arab Villas


There are two houses in Roquetas that create curiosity. One looks like an Arab village, says its owner, Oscar Moya . They call it the home of the Arabian Nights. Tourists take pictures at your doorstep. This house is on the tourist route Roquetren . Her neighbor is too. It's called " The Villa Falcon Crest" .

These houses are from 1990 . It was built by two brothers . They have built other landmark buildings. One of the builders has recovered the Arabic style of another era. Style Ceuta. There are doors , shutters , stairs, arabesques and Nasrid tiles lamps . Looks like an oasis with tea sets .
The employer sought that style. Even did a personal design . Bear the initials of the family. At the artist collaborated Waldi Wrobel .

His owner died suddenly . His son now discover the secrets of Villa . For example , the copula was built for Saddam Hussein. The war of Gulf prevented his transfer. Its now rehabilitated the building owner . He is an architect , which has helped restore. The house has suffered damage and theft .

In its garden parties, banquets or photographic reports are made. It has been restored by " Create Garden " . The Arabic Villa opened its door to all. It has a calendar of events . In his Facebook you can see .

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