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MuchoTicket Awards 2014


Muchoticket Awards 2014 held past its first edition with a full house in El Hotel Pacha on Friday . The heads of Ushuaia , Pacha and Space were the big winners of the night , climbing up on more than one occasion the stage to collect his award . A funny plated phonograph with the company Muchoticket wanted to thank the work of these professionals that enable the music industry continues to grow year after year in Ibiza.


Barbet Schroeder and his film come to Ibiza


Film director Barbet Schroeder , who made ​​his debut 'More' (1969 ) in Ibiza, returns to the island to film ' Amnesia ' . The film, starring Swiss actress, Martha Keller , tells the story of a German woman who left his country in 1936 , at the height of the Nazi regime . Martha promised never to speak the language of his country when he decided to leave their homeland to settle in Ibiza, over sixty years ago. This decision begins to falter when he meets a young experimental musician and dj from Berlin who has moved to the island.


The art of painting arrives in Ibiza


The Dutchman Marcel Schellekens ( soerendonk , 1954 ) has for the first time in Ibiza his works in the gallery Marta Torres with the exhibition " Light of Ibiza ' , which will be displayed from Thursday , from 18 pm until 31 May .


The future of Porsche 4 cylinders


Porsche said it would not have a four-door car and now has two : the Panamera and Cayenne . Also reneged at the time of the mechanical diesel and just " have been saved " 911, Cayman and Boxster . Now a new step towards a less elitist clientele premiering their first 4 cylinder engine block.


Kaiser Chiefs in Ibiza

Kaiser Chiefs is a classic programming within Ibiza Rocks. In September they return to Ibiza for what will be his fourth performance in the cycle , after the 2005 " just before the explosion of his debut album ' Employment ' ", 2007 and 2012. On this occasion presented on the stage of Sant Antoni his fifth album , ' Education , education , education and war' , recently published and already number 1 on the British charts .


Cadia Yacht: The first electric yacht

21-cadia yacht

A consortium of three Croatian companies has confirmed that from next year that ensures market the yacht will be the first in the world powered by an electric engine on a length of 14 meters. The new boat comes from a partnership between the companies Rimac Automobili , charged engine and Elan Power Yacht Yacht Cadia , these two last are boat manufacturers in Croatia. The boat has been designed by the young Croatian engineer, Mate Rimac Concept One creator of one of the fastest electric car in the world.


Porsche returns to Le Mans


Porsche Returning to the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans is cause for celebration for the German mark , which has mounted an exhibition at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart offers an overview of the successful hitoria in the famous endurance race , with over 20 different cars on display .


Gold Ferrari, luxury fanciest


Everyone likes , and must have thought that the Iraqi boxer, Riyadh Al Azzawi , who wanted to give a special color to your ferrari . Riyadh has given his ferrari a gold color .


Sublimotion arrives with his show at Ibiza


A show of two hours in which diners can enjoy a fusion of "art and cuisine " on a table designed for the occasion. A board on which chords Mappins be screened with the dish at hand . Only 12 attendees for "show" , an emcee with two Michelin stars and a show created " for the five senses " are the three main ingredients that make up the new gastronomic adventure that lands this summer in Ibiza Hand Paco Roncero ' Sublimotion ' .


Chevrolet leaves us


Chevrolet will leave Europe in a delicate time for the economy and a commercial crisis looming , General Motors decided not to persevere in a difficult model to carry out combat domestic competition that existed between two sister brands like Chevrolet and Opel. The end of commercialization of Chevrolet in Europe does not mean the disappearance of two very interesting models like the Chevrolet Camaro and the new Chevrolet Corvette Stingray . The distribution will be carried out Cadillac Dealers, which together with Opel will benefit most from the closure of Chevrolet.


Ibiza Rocks 2014


Ibiza Rocks yesterday confirmed two stars to the 2014 poster . Since much of the names and dates are unknown. In addition, the festival of Sant Antoni yesterday also confirmed the participation of some new talent, as she Eyre, Dan Croll and Krept & Konan .


Zahraa, luxury on the sea


The Italian shipyard Tecnomar Admiral superyacht launched Zahraa whose deck is 30 meters. With this you can leave quiet beauty mogul F1 , Eddie Jordan who boasts yacht clubs including ...


Ibiza is rejuvenated


The Balearic Islands Port Authority ( APB) has found the project to remodel the coastline of Ibiza harbor which is characterized by its high permeability between the port and the city, with the creation of a public square and a bicycle path . In addition , physical barriers between the two spaces and restricting the maximum of the presence of vehicles in the area will be deleted.


Cadillac brings the future


Designed to be lightweight , flexible and attractive than its competitors, the 2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe extends the brand growth driven by product portfolio and dynamic tradition of luxury coupes .


Ibiza's art


Articblue Gallery is one of five Spanish galleries invited to participate in the next edition of the Affordable Art Fair in Milan, an international contemporary art event accessible , since the maximum price of all the exhibits is 5,000 euros. The next appointment is between 6 and 9 March. The head of the gallery , Rose Marie Bellemur , emphasizes that it is the only representation of Ibiza in the show ( a total of 85 galleries) and underlines the fact that the island has opened the doors to participate , for the love professing the Italians and especially the Milanese to Ibiza.


Fly elegantly, Gulfstream III


The elegance in flight Gufstream III has become one of the favorite private jets of all great personalities . But not only do you offer this design jet, technology has also been tested by NASA and passenger areas are maintained with great detail, customize for each client preferences.


New Bentley Car


Sir Henry Ralph Stanley "Tim" Birkin is one of the most recognized in the history of Bentley characters . This pilot passionate about cars start their relationship with the company as a buyer, but was gradually engaging more intensively in their projects. Its major landmark is about developing the Bentley Blower , 1928, to convince the owner of the company at that time, Woolf Barnato , to increase the power of the Bentley 4 ½ liter to stay competitive . He managed to it will add a supercharger that took his horsepower to 245 HP , making it capable of running in Le Mans.


Luxury office on wheels


It has always been said that a car is our second home . This makes it very important for many make your car something comfortable . There is a company dedicated to, Carisma Auto Design. This company designed primarily todorrenos vans and large , suitable for design into a large office locations.


A yacht of the future: Oculus


Today, we told you about a yacht that you will love . Something futuristic and does not leave you indifferent. We speak of Oculus . Are you ready to jump into the sea of Ibiza with this beauty ?


Jaguar, a leading and quality in the luxury car market.


Brands Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles have been in 2013 a total of 425,006 vehicles. These belong to the company, " Jaguar Land Rover " . Some vehicles have come in 38 international markets. This represents an increase of 19 % compared to 2012.


The world's largest yacht


Today we will talk about the world's largest yacht . Azzam is the name of this yacht. It is 180 meters long and was built by the Lürssen shipyard . This exceeds the yacht of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich. Abramovich 's yacht is 165 meters long.


Why visit Ibiza?


Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean Sea. Belonging to the Balearic Islands. It has 572 km² extension. In our blog we tell you 5 reasons to visit this island. 5 are few, as this island offers much to its visitors. Ibiza is not just its nightlife, music and nightclubs. Ibiza has a history and other charms.


Porsche will release a new luxury car


Porsche 911 still leaves alternatives in its range. Now it has introduced the new Porsche 911 Targa . Rumors say it could introduce a new sedan. Newest launched Porsche was the Porsche Macan , like the E-class sedan These rivals are the BMW 5 Series , Mercedes E Class , Audi A6 and Jaguar XF. We speak of a luxurious, sporty and with the design of the next Porsche Panamera car.


The Yachts of future


The German shipyard Blohm + Voss in Hamburg wants to design a new line of yachts. The shipyard want to do it the architect Zaha Haid . These yachts are called Unique Circle . The design is inspired by fluid dynamics and underwater ecosystems , said the designer.


Luxury SUVS


It's been ten years since Porsche broke with tradition and sacase a non- sport model . The car was the Cayenne SUV . Now, other luxury brands have also followed the same path : Bentley , Lamborghini, Maserati. Everyone wants to tap this market .


Arab Villas


There are two houses in Roquetas that create curiosity. One looks like an Arab village, says its owner, Oscar Moya . They call it the home of the Arabian Nights. Tourists take pictures at your doorstep. This house is on the tourist route Roquetren . Her neighbor is too. It's called " The Villa Falcon Crest" .